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All cleaning solutions used promote a no/low VOC environment. They are safe and effective. The proper PH solution and chemistry is paired with the correct surface inside your home to limit wear, tear, and damage. All equipment and supplies will be provided by Health & Home Cleanings LLC. 

Add-on service can be added any time at your request. Please contact me 24 hrs. in advance to add a service so proper supplies can be prepared.

Home Cleaning

This is a maintenance cleaning that is scheduled regularly and follows the initial Deep Cleaning of clients on a recurring schedule. 


Sanitize knobs, handles, oven exterior, fridge doors, sinks, faucets, counters, dust wall hangings, sills, remove cobwebs, dust lights and décor, spot clean doors, frames, window behind sink, baseboards and trim, shake out or vacuum rugs, vacuum and mop floors. Kitchen trash bag will be taken out if full.



Sanitize handles, remove cobwebs, dust lights, décor, light fixtures, clean and sanitize wall sinks, counters, faucets, mirrors, tub, shower, scrub toilet inside and out, Spot clean baseboards and trim, cupboards, dust any wall hangings, sills, shake out rugs, spot clean doors, trim, vacuum and mop floors.


Living rooms/bedrooms

Remove cobwebs, dust ceiling fans, sills, décor, light fixtures, dust surfaces, baseboards and trim, spot clean trim sanitize tables, vacuum, and/or mop.


*Any rooms not mentioned here will receive similar treatment, applied in a manner appropriate for the space.


Deep Cleaning

This is a detailed cleaning and required to start services. These cleanings are time and labor intensive. All the above will be done with the addition of complete cabinet faces, spot cleaning all walls, and the removal of build up from surfaces, cracks and crevices. This service ranges between $0.10-$0.15 cents per sqft. of surface area.


Refrigerator Cleaning Add-on

You will receive a detailed interior cleaning of 1 refrigerator/freezer combo or 1 standalone fridge or Freezer unit. Contents will be removed, and sensitive items will be placed in a cooler during cleaning. Cost of this service is $75


Window Glass Add-on

Due to the limitations of a 3-step ladder and my own height restrictions, only interior window glass within reach can be properly cleaned. This service is variable but averages at $50.


Window Tracks Add-on

Due to the limitations of a 3-step ladder and my own height restrictions, only interior windows within reach can be properly cleaned. This service is variable, but averages at $25.


Stove Interior Add-on

This is an add-on service. A detailed cleaning of 1 stove interior and rack will be performed. The cost is $75

Let's Work Together

Contact me with any concerns, changes, or questions regarding services! I'm here to help!

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