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Welcome to our Estimate tool!
Move the sliders to match the area of your home you would like cleaned. Your recurring schedule will have discounted prices for each choice.
To move forward, fill in the rest of the form and click BOOK NOW. Once your quote has been submitted, a cleaning technician will contact you.

Please refer to the notes regarding additional services. Call or Text 503-773-5557.

Please Note:


Addition Services:

Select items if they are soiled and cannot be cleaned with regular dusting. Your technician removes dust during regular cleanings. The technician will verify if the add-on services requested are one-time or recurring during booking.


Choose appliances that need interior cleaning. The exterior of the appliances will be cleaned during regular services.


Interior only. To minimize hazards, windows must be within reach of a 3-step stool


Move-In/Out services:

Only choose this service if the home is empty.


**For The Safety Of Our Staff, We Kindly Ask For Light Fixtures And Vents To Be Unscrewed And Taken Down When Cleaning Is Needed.  

To learn more details about how my services work, head over to Terms of Services.

To learn how we use and store your information, please view the Privacy Policy.

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