The Most Commonly Overlooked Health Hazard to You and Your Family is Indoor Air Quality. We will:

Reducing Allergens

Our high powered deep cleaning vacuums are held to the highest standard in our industry. We use a 4 stage filtration system. It's the only vacuum system certified by the American Lung Association.


Reducing VOC's

We use the safest products available free of perfumes and dyes. We combine these products with innovative techniques to reduce film and build-up without the need for volatile organic compounds found in common cleaning products.


Reducing Harmful Microorganisms

Our sanitation methods exceed industry standards. Cleaning technicians use clean masks, shoe coverings, gloves, and coded material to prevent the introduction of foreign germs or cross-contamination. All bottles and equipment are sanitized between each house. Technicians are trained to use safe techniques and products approved by the EPA to minimize the risk of illnesses.

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